studio policy

Caroline Fernandes adheres to an exceptional standard of teaching. To ensure students receive maximum benefit, the following policy is in place:​​​

Regular attendance is expected.​​​​ Please give plenty of notice, as a courtesy, if you know you will miss a lesson.​ Missed lessons have been taken into consideration in the overall cost of tuition. In order to keep the highest caliber teachers employed and available to teach on a regular basis, there are no makeups, credits, or refunds. ​ 

Tuition is offered in 2 Recurring Membership Subscriptions, payable monthly:
30 Minute Weekly Lessons (Beginners)
60 Minute Weekly Lessons - (Intermediate/Advanced)
Your tuition fee reserves an exclusive weekly time slot in the studio.

Please Note: There are no long-term commitments. Services may be discontinued at any time for the next month. If a student takes a break from lessons, their spot in the studio schedule is no longer guaranteed. ​

Students are encouraged to make practicing a part of their routine. Access to a well-maintained instrument is essential. 

Lessons are offered year-round, minus major holidays. Students will receive 3-5 lessons each month, depending on major holidays. It usually evens out to 4 lessons per month when enrolled all year. Students will be notified of official holidays and closings.​ 

Contact me:
WhatsApp: +91 840 806 5033

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